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jobZology PathwayU Career Planning Platform

Published: 08/02/2019 | Confidential and Proprietary. Contains Trade Secrets. Unauthorized Distribution is Strictly Prohibited. The Tambellini Group, LLC.

Why Read This Report

jobZology developed PathwayU, a patent-pending software tool leveraging predictive algorithms to identify fulfilling vocations for students. After a number of assessments, the career planning platform matches a learner’s disposition and interests with programs and educational pathways. The end goal is to find joy and purpose through sound decisions.

The solution benefits the institution during recruitment to ensure students are placed in programs in which they will be successful. Among many things, it includes an interface for advisors which shows career results for students, along with tips and job-related advice to discuss with them. jobZology reports show increased GPA, better engagement, and higher retention among PathwayU users. Find out what the company plans to release next year in this report.

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