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Connecting Higher Education Trends to Institutional and IT Strategies: Part 4 - Financial and Regulatory Pressures

Published: 08/21/2020 | Confidential and Proprietary. Contains Trade Secrets. Unauthorized Distribution is Strictly Prohibited. The Tambellini Group, LLC.

Why Read This Report

The modern university emerged during the Second Industrial Revolution, creating the foundation and model for higher education. This model has evolved over the years and adapted to changes brought about by the third Industrial (Digital) Revolution, offering new programs of study, different modalities of learning, and technology-enriched processes and experiences. We are now at the dawn of the fourth Industrial Revolution, which promises to disrupt the world as we know it. Will it fundamentally change the nature of higher education as well?

Key Questions Answered

  • What changes are higher education institutions making to address financial challenges?
  • How might Congress refocus regulatory requirements?
  • What effects is COVID-19 having on institutions and fall 2020 enrollment?

Table of Contents

  1. About This Series
  2. Trend: Financial and Regulatory Pressures
  3. Why Institutions Should Pay Attention to This Trend
  4. Considerations for Institutional and IT Leaders
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