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Administrative Learning Management Systems Brief

Published: 08/21/2020 | Confidential and Proprietary. Contains Trade Secrets. Unauthorized Distribution is Strictly Prohibited. The Tambellini Group, LLC.

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Administrative learning management systems (LMS) are focused on delivering training, not in an academic notion, but rather a specific set of learning objectives that are required for one or more reasons. Increasingly, institutions are faced with pressures on several fronts that can only be addressed by an LMS other than the academic LMS already in place. Compliance is often the trigger for movement. Add to this the pressure to offer career advancement training to employees and training classes to the public, and the result is a complex set of offerings with varied requirements, controls, and formats.

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Vendors in Focus: Cornerstone OnDemand, Instructure, PageUp, PeopleAdmin, SAP, Ultimate Software and Kronos (UKG), SumTotal Systems, Docebo NA, Ascentia, Inkling, SVI,

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