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2019 Advancement: Affinaquest

Published: 09/13/2019 | Confidential and Proprietary. Contains Trade Secrets. Unauthorized Distribution is Strictly Prohibited. The Tambellini Group, LLC.

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Featuring Affinaquest Advancement Cloud, this profile is the first of six vendor profiles highlighting advancement solutions including Blackbaud, Causeview, Ellucian, Technolutions, and thankQ. Affinaquest’s flagship solution leverages Salesforce technology and is optimized for development offices that are sophisticated in the way they approach, cultivate, and communicate with students. It is based on a data model that enables faster and more accurate advancement business processes and reporting. A key differentiator is an integrated best-of-breed strategy that allows clients to leverage Salesforce third-party solutions using snap-in/out integration. Learn more about this modern advancement software for the nonprofit higher education sector.

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Vendors in Focus: Affinaquest,

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